Kathleen Lancaster, Sacramento Area PhotographerOne of the main reasons why I became a photographer was my love for imagery through storytelling. As a writer, it was effortless for me to get the reader to see into my soul by using the right words to describe the story and pictures that were in my head. As a photographer, I believe that imagery IS the story. And everyone has a story.

Most of what people want when it comes to photography is laid out on the inside of their foreheads. And it’s MY job to create what the client sees in his or her head. I get great satisfaction when I know I’ve captured someone’s vision, story, and unique style.

A client once told me, “Kathleen, it’s like you have a brain plug . . . you’ve somehow managed to connect a plug from your brain to ours so you can see EXACTLY what’s in there!”

Another reason why I decided to take my love for photography and go pro is because I am a parent, and I know how hard it can be to afford family portraits.

I am truly disappointed when I see how much families are asked (and sometimes forced) to spend on portraits — especially seniors. Trust me when I say I will NOT charge you two months’ salary for three 8×10’s and 16 wallets.

My photography is authentic. It is organic. It is your vision blended with my enthusiasm and desire to provide you with the best images possible at a price that fits every budget.


Kathleen was born and raised in West Sacramento, California.
She currently shoots lifestyle, family, and senior portrait photography.

To contact Kathleen for your next portrait session, please call or email her at:

Kathleen Lancaster Imagery
(916) 838-9216


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