One question I get often is, “Do you do weddings?”

The answer is “Not yet. Not even for FAMILY!”

And that’s because you only get a chance to photograph a wedding ONCE. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of training for weddings, and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable shooting a full-on, traditional wedding.

Photographs of your wedding will outlast pretty much everything else you spend your money on that day (with the exception of the rings). Flowers get thrown away. Food gets eaten. Drinks get consumed. And cake gets sent home with anyone who’ll take a piece. Even the dress may never get worn again. (Click HERE if you’d like to get it dirty after the ceremony!)

But the photographs—the photographs are the first true element to emerge from your beloved union. And until I can do it perfectly, I will not do it at all.

I will, however, consider “City Hall” type or Civil Union ceremonies (i.e., anything not done in a dark church; more informal than most traditional weddings). I’d love the opportunity to photograph your special moment and will do it at a considerably reduced price.

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