What Should I Wear?

Senior_Portrait_Female_2010_On_Location_Old_Sacramento_CaliforniSimple: Wear whatever you’re most COMFORTABLE with! I want you to look and feel your best, and if you’re not comfortable, it will show in the images!

I also suggest that you AVOID “stark” or “bright” whites, “loud” or “fire engine” reds, busy plaids/patterns, large logos and writing, and clothes that are too tight or baggy.

That being said, if it is your individual style to mix dots with plaids and stripes with bold patterns, then BRING IT ON. I can make adjustments to ensure that the background does not conflict with what you’re wearing!

Don’t forget to bring LOTS of outfits; even though we may not use ALL of the clothes, it’s good to have at least three outfits that mix and match well.

MAKEUP: Again, wear what makes you “you.” Bold makeup is fine, as long as the clothes are not too busy. I’ll never tell you what NOT to wear, because I want your images to reflect your personal style. However, I suggest avoiding glitter and sparkles (they do not photograph well). Guys: Don’t forget to shave!

HAIR: Simple is best, but if you wear a mohawk daily – make it nice and pointy! Also, try to avoid cutting your hair the day before your shoot. It’s a better idea to cut your hair if need be no more than a week or two before your session to give it a chance to grow into its new style.

ACCESSORIES are important too! Jewelry, shoes, hats . . . or whatever looks good! Boots and an old prom dress, a cowboy hat with a frou-frou dress, and even barefoot in a tuxedo can look AWESOME in the right location!

You may also want to bring some essential items with you for in between breaks and locations, like a brush or comb, make-up for touch-ups, snacks, water, etc.

One last thing: Please PLEASE DO bring letter jackets, cheer sweaters, your car, swim goggles, golf attire, guitars, drumsticks, or anything else that DEFINES YOU. Don’t leave anything out, and if you’re unsure of something, bring it anyway. It would devastate me to learn that you’ve got a passionate hobby or a favorite pet (including a horse) and we didn’t include them somehow in your portrait session!


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