He’s Going to Make Us a Million Dollars

I have a standing agreement with my 82-year-old father.

As long as he’s alive, I will spend every 1st Saturday in May by his side at our local race track so we can watch (and, of course, bet on) the Kentucky Derby.

This agreement has caught on with my other brothers and sisters, two of whom joined us this year for a day of food, drink, and wagering.

And lots of talk about his infamous “horse-picking system.”

“Listen to me,” he’ll say. “I got this thing all figured out. Been working on it for years. YEARS. And I finally got it working to perfection. You got to know your numbers and your decimals and how to read that racing form. It’s a good system. And when I die, I’m going to give it to you kids and you’ll all make a million bucks.”

None of us have ever figured out exactly why we have to wait until he dies before we get to make that million bucks.

We just know that we don’t have very many more Kentucky Derbys left to spend with him.

So we humor him with our gasps of theatrical surprise and gratitude for even THINKING of giving us his horse-picking system, and ask him who he’s got picked to win, and then secretly decide to bet on the horses with the funniest names instead.



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