Kathleen_Lancaster_Imagery_Thank_You_Logo_BrandedI would not have been able to pursue this dream if it weren’t for the help and encouragement of all the people below. If I left you out, please don’t be mad . . . this isn’t an Oscar speech. I can add you to the list!


To the Love of My Life (a.k.a., “The LOML”) for never discouraging me from following my dreams. (That’s code for, “Thanks, hon, for letting me spend so much money on gear.”)

For my boys . . . I’m doing all this for you.

To my stister . . . thank you for always putting your full support behind me, for grounding me when I begin to fly away, and for making me laugh so hard that I have to run to the bathroom.

To my favorite brother . . . for being my biggest cheerleader.

To Mrs. Mulligan . . . thank you for giving me my very first chance, and being patient with me when my computer crashed.

To K-10 . . . for providing me with so many of the beautiful images that are now plastered throughout this website.

To my BFF . . . for four-wheeling with me down the low road when I need to whine. Because everyone needs to whine sometimes!

To my Facebook gang . . . for always having nice things to say about my images. You’re the BEST for my confidence!

To the rest of my family and friends . . . thank you for letting me use you as guinea pigs.

To Corrina . . . who took a horribly vague description (“I kind of like these colors and that kind of font”) and turned it into my super fabulous logo in less than 24 hours. (PS: Corrina also does iPhone Papers.)

To Professor Jimmy . . . for teaching us everything he knows about photography.

To Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen . . . for giving newbies a one-stop resource for everything “Going Pro.”

To Jasmine Star . . . whose images made me want to be a photographer. And in one Podcast made me realize that I could totally pull it off.

To the TWIPs . . . without whom I’d know nothing about photography news and photographer’s rights.

To Leo Laporte . . . for sharing your wealth of “tech-knowledge-y” with us geeks on a daily basis, and making me a better photographer for it.

And, to Scott Kelby . . . without whom I’d know nothing about Photoshop or Lightroom. Or photography in general.


If you are an aspiring photographer, I suggest you visit a few of the experts above who have selflessly shared their knowledge and wisdom to help thousands of people like me become better at what they do.


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