Family_Portrait_Boy_2009_On_Location_Sacramento_California1.     What is a “Signature Standout” image?

During every session, I become aware of about 5-10 images that “stand out” in my mind as exceptional or extraordinary. Sometimes the images can be candid or even what most would consider an “out-take.” Others just take shape as the photo is composed.

Once I get a “standout” image loaded into my computer, I will enhance and modify it until I believe it is superior to all the other images.

Upon completion, I will place my “Signature Standout” seal on the image. I only do this with a handful of photographs per session, and I guarantee that no two Signature Standout images ever look the same. My signature is my promise to you that the image is truly remarkable. (The image at the left is a Signature Standout Image.)

2.     You say that you are interested in keeping client costs low, yet you charge so much more for prints and images than Walgreen’s or Costco. Why the big difference in price?

In three words: “Time, skill, and quality.”

Like the quarterback in a football game, a skilled photographer has to run down a checklist of items in his/her head before the shutter button is pressed. Where is the light coming from? Will I need a flash? Is there a way I can frame this image without the power lines appearing in the shot? If I take two steps to the right, I can avoid getting the passers-by in the frame, but will the image still look good? If I put the sun behind the baby, can I still manage to make the sky look blue instead of white?

And that’s just during the shoot.

Once the images are uploaded into the computer, I will take whatever time necessary to enhance and edit them so that they look their absolute best.

Then, when the photographs are ready to be printed, I DO NOT TAKE THEM TO THE CORNER DRUGSTORE. I use a superior quality photo lab that only employs experienced finishing technicians to print your images.

This is a true “get-what-you-pay-for” scenario. If you use an inexperienced photographer (i.e., your cousin with the nice camera) and then take the images to Costco for processing, the results may be low-cost snapshots that will most likely sit in a shoebox.

Use a qualified, skilled photographer with access to a professional photo lab for processing, and you will get images that you will cherish and share for a lifetime and prints fit to hang on any wall in your home.

3.     I don’t think I’ll need a three-hour photo session. Can I have the fee reduced?

This is an AWESOME question!

I have composed and priced my session time and fee based on experience. I allow up to three hours for a photo shoot so that YOU DO NOT FEEL RUSHED. I want you to have fun. I want you to feel comfortable. And you cannot do either of those things if you are under the impression that we’re pressed for time! 

4.     Can we bring our dog/pet/instrument/prop of choice?

Of COURSE you can!

This shoot is all about you. Wear clothes that make you comfortable and project your unique style. Bring sports gear or an instrument if you play one. Invite your best friend. If your dog is your best friend, then bring him along too. (I may have to request that you leave your snakes and tarantulas at home, though.)

5.     When will my images be ready for viewing?

Once the photo shoot is over, it can take up to two weeks for the images to be enhanced and processed. I will call you to make a viewing appointment, after which you will have up to 30 days to choose which ones you’d like to have printed or digitally downloaded.


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